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Does pain stop you running?

Do you suffer from recurring running related injuries?

Do you have pain when you run, but continue to run anyway?

Stretching and strength training alone will help clear many injuries, but if your gait style aggravates your injury, you need more. We offer slow motion video analysis of your running form and gait, and running retraining with a Chartered Physiotherapist.


Up to 80% of runners will suffer from a running related injury in any given year


Running injuries are usually overuse injuries and are very common.

Our new Running Analysis Lab is designed to give you more information on they way that you run, and how your particular style of running can contribute to persistent injury. We will show you how your personal gait may be causing your injury, so that your rehab can include practical running specific drills, as well as strengthening or flexibility work.

Runners are a group that are known for running through pain. This can lead to your body compensating in other areas, leading to new injury.

Our goal is to get you back running, without pain, as quickly as possible. Now we can provide you with an even more thorough assessment, so that no stone is left unturned in getting you back out there.

So What's involved?

  • Expert physical assessment of pelvic control, joint mobility, stability and flexibility
  • Thorough, slow motion video analysis of your running form and style of gait
  • Specific, practical drills and cues to immediately improve your running form
  • Targeted exercises to correct areas of weakness and dysfunction identified
  • Personalised video, with specific drills, cues and exercises to correct identified flaws and imbalances


Take control of your running injury, understand why it recurs, and learn how to improve your running gait to get back to painfree running!

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