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Injury Free Holidays

Holiday Tips

Everyone loves going on holidays but it can be a stressful time for the body. Keep these tips in mind when you’re heading off and arrive in tip top shape!

Sit well

  • Think about how you are sitting
  • If you sit like a banana for 24 hours, don’t be surprised if your back doesn’t want to straighten up when it’s time to get off the plane
  • You don’t need to sit upright rigidly for hours, just remember to straighten up regularly and take the load off your spine
  • Press your bottom right back into the seat
  • Place a pillow behind your mid to lower back for a little extra support
  • Avoid straining your neck by lifting your book or magazine up to your eyes
  • Don’t cross your legs as it compromises your blood flow

Keep Moving

  • Circle your feet and pump the feet up and down under the seat in front
  • Clench and relax your buttocks regularly
  • Roll your shoulders forwards and backwards
  • When you get up to go to the bathroom, stand up and down on your toes while you’re waiting Stand and move
  • While waiting to board your flight, stand up.
  • Don’t slump in the airport lounge with your legs crossed and your neck forward before you get on a flight
  • Don’t use the moving walkways — enjoy the exercise!
  • Always put luggage (even hand luggage) on wheels to improve your mobility
  • Walk around while waiting rather than sitting and slouching 

Watch that heavy bag on the carousel

  • Travel light
  • Make sure your bags are on wheels
  • Get as close as possible to the luggage carousel and lift bags when they are directly in front of you
  • Exhale as you lift the bag off the carousel
  • Do not reach and twist to lift – this is the classic mechanism for injuring a disc in the back
  • Be careful when lifting luggage out of overhead lockers. Things are often heavier and more awkward than they seem when they are above shoulder height

Once you’re there:

  • If you wear orthotics at home, do not rely on a pair of cheap flip flops for all your holiday walking. If you are interested in custom made flip flops, (a flip flop with orthotics built in), just give Jenny a call on 01 213 7000 to discuss your needs. Note that these take 3 weeks from the time your feet are casted
  • Do not lie on the sun-lounger all day everyday for 2 weeks if you’re used to being active at home – get up frequently and have a swim, take a walk or your back could stiffen up on you
  • Be careful of the pillows in the hotel. If you’re used to sleeping on 1 flat pillow at home, don’t be tempted to sleep on the 4 big 5 star fluffy ones – your neck will protest!
  • If you are recovering from an injury, use the pool to your advantage and get in as much as you can  


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