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Media Work

At Total Physio we are passionate about Physiotherapy and your health! We pride ourselves in returning our patients to their full capacity as soon as possible and we believe we are the best at what we do.

We like to go the extra mile to bring tips and information about physiotherapy and related topics to the public through our numerous media activities.

We regularly feature on the Mooney Show on RTE Radio 1, we have also appeared on Television and contribute to numerous newspapers and magazines such as the Irish Independent Mother and Baby supplement, the popular Irish Runner Magazine and Ireland's award winning Maternity and Infant magazine, we have even featured in a Smartphone App!

Below is just a selection of the media activity we take part in. You can keep up to date with all of our media appearances by “liking” Total Physio on Facebook or follow us on Twitter where we post regular updates and useful tips! or read our blog section for more information

Apps for Smart Phones

Jenny's Belly on the Mooney App. Download it to your phone for FREE!

Jenny's Belly was a pregnancy exercise series that ran on the national airwaves in Summer 2011 when Jenny (resident physio on the Mooney Show on RTE Radio 1) was pregnant with her second baby. It is a six week series, showing various exercises that can be safely done during pregnancy to maintain muscle strength and prepare your body for labour.

The exercises are based on Pilates, a form of body conditioning that focuses on developing a strong core by using the deep abdominal muscles. Pilates helps control movement and posture while developing muscle tone throughout the body, improving flexibility, body awareness, balance and breathing.

There are five basic principles in Pilates; breathing, head and neck placement, shoulder blade placement, rib cage placement and pelvic placement. These principles were incorporated each week into Jenny’s Belly pregnancy series. Five new exercises targeting those areas were demonstrated which can be practiced, by all of you Mums-to-be, safely in the comfort of your own home.

The App is FREE to download. Go to the App Store and search for Mooney. Jenny's Belly can be found by clinking into the Media section of the App. There is a video demonstration of each exercise as well as text detailing how to do each move safely.

Important: The information presented here is not a substitute for a consultation with your GP, obstetrician or Chartered Physiotherapist. Every pregnancy is different and if you have any worries about your pregnancy, please contact your GP or obstetrician immediately.


Jenny was delighted to star in a TV ad to promote Chartered Physiotherapists. To date it has been viewed over 560,000 times on YouTube. We're still hopeful for 1 million views!!

Check it out here!


Jenny has been the resident Chartered Physiotherapist on the Mooney Show on RTE Radio 1 since 2008, participating in numerous shows to date. She discusses common injuries, gives easy to follow tips and answers listeners' queries live on air. She has covered many diverse topics from low back pain to marathon recovery, tennis elbow to Osteoporosis and more!  

Print Media

Jenny has written extensively for several publications including the widely read Irish Independent Mother and Baby supplement, the popular Irish Runner Magazine and Ireland's award winning Maternity and Infant magazine. 

Download our latest Magazine and Newspaper Articles Here


Jenny is the Chartered Physiotherapist behind the “Ask the Physio” forum on the popular runners’ website By just reading through the many questions and answers, you may recognise some symptoms you are feeling and can get a head start in finding out how to deal with it!

Access the Run Ireland Forum here