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Many people visit us with work related injuries. If your working position, workstation or repetitive actions are dysfunctional, your body will compensate very effectively for a time. This compensation cannot last forever, and at some point, the dysfunctional movement will start to cause stiffness and pain.

At Total Physio we love to get to the root of the problem to ensure a long term solution. We look at the dysfunctional movement and figure out what compensations have occurred so we can reverse these, and then build you back up again to work effectively and painfree. The longer you try to work through a work pain, the harder it will be to resolve it fully. Injury prevention is one of our priorities. Before you come to see us, please send us in a photo of you in your most common position of work, ie at your desk, sitting in your taxi, driving your forklift etc. This will give us a clearer picture of what you spend your day doing and how your body is positioned for your job.

We have developed Total Physio Corporate Health to promote awareness of injuries and rehabilitation, enabling people to understand the importance of dealing with injuries ASAP. In the past we have worked in Deloitte and Airtricity as part of their Wellness Programmes delivering seminars on Low Back Pain, Golf Injuries, Lifestyle and Exercise etc. Corporate Health presents a challenge but also a great opportunity to really promote awareness of injuries and rehabilitation.

Services we offer:

  • On-site postural assessments and work station advice
  • On-site clinics for physiotherapy or massage
  • On-site pilates classes
  • On-site seminars
  • Specific programmes for your workforce to facilitate a painfree workday.It is impossible to enjoy work if you have pain just sitting at your desk.

Register your company with us and receive discounted physiotherapy treatment & Pilates for your staff. We are open to discussing any partnership ideas you may have or require for your business.

We are based in Sandyford Office Park and have direct Access to the Luas Green line, call us now on 01 213 7000 to find out how we can work with you.