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At Total Physio we will always look at your alignment and your feet if you have pain in your low back or in your lower limbs.

Temporary insoles and custom made orthotics are orthopaedic devices placed into your shoes or football boots to correct abnormal alignment or biomechanics of your legs, ankles and feet.

Biomechanical issues are a very common, often missed, cause of gradual onset pain in all age groups (including children). If we find any malalignment on assessment, we will always discuss the options with you for temporary insoles versus custom made orthotics.

These devices 

  • control excessive movement of the ankle or knee joints,
  • control excessive flattening of the medial arches of the feet
  • correct altered weight bearing distribution through the joints and soft tissues of your lower limbs. 

Please note that orthotics do not permanently correct any structural abnormalites, much like a pair of glasses only makes your vision clear when they are on your face.

Temporary insoles are usually prescribed to test how suitable you are for custom made orthotics. There are many different types available, such as women's slimfit devices, paediatric insoles, anti-pronatory insoles or simply heavy duty shock absorbers. In many cases, the temporary insoles may be enough to alleviate your symptoms and you may not need to get a custom made device at all.

Custom made orthotics are made to the exact specifications of your feet, even down to the tiny creases in the skin of your soles. They are a more expensive, but longer lasting option than the temporary insoles. We usually recommend getting the temporary insoles initially, to ensure that your symptoms respond to biomechanical correction. Whether you are prescribed temporary insoles or custom made orthotics, you will be given a flexibility programme for the lower limbs to help your muscles adapt to the changes applied.

If you wish to be casted for custom made orthotics, please let us know when you call us on 01 213 7000.