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Sports Injuries

Our aim is to get you fit and back to the sport you love with the minimum time out of the game. 

At Total Physio we love to treat everyone who wishes to be active, so much so that we offer very competitive club rates to members of teams, clubs and societies who place their trust in us. If you are interested in availing of this, please call us now to register! 

We treat weekend warriors, golfers of all shapes and standards, tennis players, rugby guys and gals, runners....lots of runners......triathletes, softballers, bootcampers and even the hardcore Ironman competitors. Whatever your sport, whatever level you play at, you can be sure that you will get the most appropriate and up to date treatment for your injury in the hands of our expert team. 

Sports injuries fall into two categories, those of traumatic origin or overuse injuries, all of which happen during participation in sport. Common traumatic sports injuries include ankle sprains, knee ligaments sprains, cartilage tears, muscle tears, joint dislocations and fractures of the bone.

We all know that after a tough session you might feel sore the day after (and even the day after that). However this delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) resolves fully after 2-3 days. If you have a niggle that does not resolve within this time frame, you may be developing an overuse injury. Common overuse sports injuries include tendinitis, shin pain, muscle strains, IT band syndrome and knee pain.

All of our Chartered Physiotherapists have worked with sports teams, both in the clinic setting and pitch-side, and are very experienced in accurate diagnosis and rehabilitation.
We understand that when you have a sports injury, it's a very personal thing. We assure you that we will do everything we can to help you play that important final, get through that long awaited marathon or get to the 18th hole. 

If you are not sure if we can help you, please call us on 01 213 7000 and we can advise you.